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    I've made this for school, our task was to manipulate a real-life photo by for example inserting things or people.

    I took a picture of the Tempelhof airport and inserted many items of movies/tv shows.

    We were only allowed to use Gimp, I never used it before so it took time to acquaint myself with it.
    It might have turned out better if I used Photoshop.

    Go ahead and rate it if you want :)
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  2. Some of them are really well done like the Transformer and Star Wars characters. The more cartoony ones, like Naruto, don't really do well in the scene though.
  3. Also the greyscale filter is kinda cheating. :p
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  4. Yes, I know, but I've seen pictures like this before at the local cinema, I wanted to do it aswell :p

    Oh yeah forgot to mention, we had to greyscale the pictures because we wanted to put every picture on one wall at my school, so they don't look too different.
  5. Not bad at all, did you outline and crop these images yourself or were they already set with a transparent background? The idea of it is what stuck out to me, I liked how you made it black and white and took differing images and hid them in there. The masking was done well.

    I'm not sure what your actual skill level (how much time you've spent) is in Adobe Photoshop but I believe the goal that you were aiming for was achieved.
  6. Thank you for your feedback! :)
    The most of these elements were directly from movie scenes, so I cropped them manually.
  7. A couple of the shadows are inconsistent with the lighting, and I would suggest not relying on blurring the edges of the inserted cut out so much to make it fit. Other than that, pretty cool.

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