Pi Cleansing Crystal 1.0.0

Offer GP to the mighty god

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  2. Legend! Didn't think there would be a bot for this. Got me 92 prayer in like 15 hours or so. Thanks so much!
  3. No problem! Didn't know anyone used this bot. :p

    I did code the bot for it to handle the shop confirmation thingy, but are you saying it's broken? (based on review you made)
  4. I suppose it has a niche use but it's a great method for ironmen who cba to collect bones themselves.

    And yeah, it runs fine for an hour or so then gets stuck at the confirmation button for some reason. Disabled shop warnings and it ran very well.
  5. Thanks for reporting the bug. :)
  6. It wont buy from the monk, just clicks him over and over even with the menu up
  7. Switch your shop layout in the top right corner.
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  8. thanks a bunch mate
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  9. Gonna try to get 120 prayer with this bot! ;)
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