Pi FDK project announcement

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  1. Some bad luck, unfortunately. The account that is used to test all the aspects of the bot has been recovered back by the previous owner. Randomly 8 months (roughly) later I didn't expect it whatsoever.

    It goes without saying that without account the creation of the bot is pretty much coming to a screeching hold. Without testing you can't develop a premium worthy bot.

    Now, I could request to borrow an account from one of you guys, which has access to soulsplit, yak, and is willing to risk the account for the sake of this bot, but I'm pretty confident that there will be no people that are willing to play ball. If you are considering to lend out an account, hit me up.

    This project is paused until further notice....
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  2. what exactly is your project?
  3. Project Pi FDK

    A frost dragon killer.
  4. Frost Dragon Killer
  5. Title says "Pi FDK"... Wonder what that means.
  6. Hit me up, got a 138 with yak and soul split.
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  7. i have one aswell, just pm me when you need it

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