Pi Harps 1.1.0

Play that funky harp-music

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  2. Grats on release :)

    One day I'll have access to the Elf city on my iron...
  3. Thank you. @Furor already had Pi Harps up, but we discussed to transfer ownership to me as I have more time to maintain the bot (+ mine had a decent UI).
  4. You're a god! Finally can knock off 99 crafting :)
    Do you plan on working any other Prif bots?
  5. Do you have suggestions?
  6. Well, thiever is probably something alot of people have been waiting on.
    Maybe easier to develop are the Seren Miner and Corrupt Ore smither.
  7. yeah like shimmy said the most needed bots are thieving (blackjacking) and seren miner i think and thank's a lot for piharp it's great :D @Bertrand
  8. Bertrand updated Pi Harps with a new update entry:

    Pi Harps v1.1.0 Released!

    Including in the update:

    - You can enable a checkbox for sleeping. The bot will extend the period it will click by roughly 10-20 seconds (this is a viable time for being afk for a short while), after the percentage you want has been triggered.

    - You can now pick which location the harp uses with a simple drop down menu.

    - Fixes related to the bot not accurately clicking the harp.

    - Larger UI so the text doesn't always have to be cropped if you resize Spectre.

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  9. Thanks for the update, will check out the bot again in 2 days.
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  10. So whats the proper way to make sleep mode work, ive checked it but still does 20 % on the dot every time.
  11. Just select the checkbox.
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  12. Doesn't seem to tune harps for me...
  13. Got me like 9k Harmonic Dust. Thanks.
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  14. Got me 99 all the way from 75. Thanks Bertnard!
  15. hey man, i just want you to know your bot's been great. the update has helped me and my friends. thanks :) i really appreciate you taking your time to update and reply.
  16. i cant seem to start the bot? all I see if the option to choose after how many ticks to reclick. Thanks.
  17. click those after you've chosen clicks/location. You can't see them unless you widen/maximize the runemate client. hope that helps.

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