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  1. Just a quick message for people not knowing how to set it up; you have to set both your magic tab and your inventory visible, so it can cast the disassemble spell without having to open your inventory every time.

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    Doesn't work :/
  3. Yea haha, this is work in progress. It got accidentally pushed, I'll make it invisible for now and release again when it's done.
  4. u fukin c0cktease ;(
  5. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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  7. The only way I get it to work is by opening the skill spells tab and let it cast the disassemble directly on the item. Both your spell tab and inventory need to be open. I tried it with my action bar but that does not seem to work, sadly.
  8. Oh yea that's how you disassemble right? How else do people do it?
  9. Most people put the noted items on their lower inventory slots, then drag it to the light bulb icon.
  10. Oh wow I didn't even know that was possible. Well, I don't think this is too bad. You just need your magic tab and inventory open. I should've added a fail-safe for that, I'll do that today.
  11. Oh yeah with 'light bulb icon' I mean the invention pouch button, not the disassemble ability ;)
  12. I understand. I have no experience with dragging an item, so I'll let it just stay like this. When you're hitting it doesn't really matter how the setup is because you can't do anything in the meantime anyway.
  13. Lmfao. By the way the experience until next level is broken because mister Cloud forgot that invention has a different experience table when he implemented invention in the skill class.
  14. Users beware of using this bot - I assumed it would just disassemble my inventory and then stop, but the bot idles after the set item is gone, gets thrown to the lobby and then RuneMate's lobby handler kicks in and logs back in. The bot idles again, and this goes on and on.
  15. I have this already implemented in the next version. I just need to fix some other stuff before I can push it.
  16. Thanks for the update Baertrand ♥♥♥
  17. been working good so far, is there good anti-ban on this? been using it quite a bit cause its reliable just wondering how risky is it
  18. Have you seen my proggy above? I think it explains enough. Just make sure you set up your interface well enough so the 'disassemble' button is close to the item in your inventory.

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