Pi Prif Bonfire 1.6.8

Burn baby, burn!

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    Pi Prif Bonfire - Burn baby, burn!

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  2. Congratulations on the release of your first bot! :)
  3. Thank you kindly. :)

    I'm currently trying to add failsafe for banking, because sometimes it opens the Sets interface or the history interface. Those are both not handled by the interface closer build in in RuneMate, so I'm trying to create a workaround. :p
  4. Gratz on release bertrand, green is sexy.
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  5. http://prntscr.com/7ech2q

    Progress! :)

    Also I've pushed a new update that fail-safes banking. When it accidentally opens the Sets or the History interfaces, it will close them. I've also fail-safed clicking the bonfire. When it miss clicks it will re-click the bonfire. It also won't spam the status in your command box anymore. :)
  6. Congratiulations on release :)
    @kristiaan here you've got the bonfire bot you needed
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  7. Congratz on both author!!
    Thanks mate was really hoping for this! Hope you will more great scripts bots in the future.
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  8. Looking forward to see normal bonfires, prefer either shantay pass or grand exchange for populated areas.
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  9. I am planning a Burthorpe bonfire bot. I'm not sure yet, I'll look into more areas and what's possible. :)

    Also, a recent update in either the RM client or RuneScape, has broken my script bot along with many others. Personally, I can't fix this so we have to wait for our based god, Cloud.
  11. Best of luck, mate. Also, the fix should be coming along soon.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Bot is up and running again due to the fixes from Cloud. :)
  13. It doesn't bnak for me it opens it and then it won't use the preset it just click on the place of the bonfire.
  14. Are you sure your inventory is empty when it starts banking? Are you having items in your inventory that are unburnable?
  15. Yes i'm sure, i start whith full inv of maple logs then he burns it and derps at the bankl.
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  16. i totally came!
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    @Bertrand , it does not work :( sometimes i just keeps spinning the camera, and if it manages to bank, then it wont use the preset :( I am really looking forward to a nice working version :D keep up the good work! <3
  17. I am aware of the issue of the weird camera turning. Also not withdrawing a preset happens to me rarely, like once in 6 hours, but I'll look into it. :) I'm currently trying to fix it.
  18. Gratz on your release! I have to get used to dat green:eek:

    Also, for a second location, I'd go with shantay pass. W100 shantay pass is packed with people.
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  19. Update pushed. Slightly redone the weird stuff with the camera turning. Also tried solving the loading preset not being done sometimes, but I need verification if this actually works for you guys.

    Also, while testing:


    I have no intention in releasing a world wide bonfire script bot in the near future, because I know a fellow script bot writer is planning to release his. Competition is good, but it's his first script bot and he also deserves "some time in the spotlights".
  20. OMFG god thankyou for the bonefire script bot but why for fuck sake PRIFFF!?!?!? it has so many requirements...ahhhh ffs thanks for the contribution.


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