Request PID Associated with Last Character Name

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Evuls, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Spectre is running very nicely for me so far, however with the new instance manager built into the client it can sometimes be tedious to restart all the instances if for some reason Spectre freezes or crashes. With this in mind, would it be possible to have the character name or account name somehow logged beside the PID in the clients drop down? It would be easier to organize which account was on which client like that, with a few accounts it's not an issue and with a lot it's not really either with some spreadsheet records, but this would simplify it as a nice quality of life change.
  2. Will consider once the dust settles on this release.
  3. Awesome, honestly it might look cleaner to just add the last known PID to the right of the account list. I appreciate the thought.
  4. That may be easier to implement too.
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