Pixie FDK 1.1.1

The perfect Frost Dragon Killer.

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    Pixie FDK - The perfect Frost Dragon Killer.

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  2. Congrats on your release, can't wait to see what's in store for this.

    Edit: I get an error running this, is it possible this was an accidental release?
    Edit 2: Needs potions, never mind.
  3. It currently supports Normal Antifure, Prayer, Attack, Strength, Magic potions.

    It would be great if some one could make one for me :p
  4. Some things to keep in mind:

    • Should take a step backwards when avoiding orbs to prevent revolution from attacking the dragon
    • Doesn't support flasks
    • Charm Imp would be nice to be able to use
    • Fails multiple times while attempting to bank potions, causing leftover antifire(2)'s, etc, to be left in the inventory after banking
    • Recently I've been faced with assholes who will hit the dragon once and then run away, they will get the drops when you kill it. Do you think there is a solution to this? Like maybe checking if the dragon has full HP when you first attack it, sounds hard though.
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  5. Regarding that last one it should be possible to back-calculate by getting the health after the first attack and then re-adding the damage done during that first attack and then comparing to total HP.
  6. Can you make it a tele tab support to avoid deaths?

    Ok, so i brought 2 anti fire and 2 prayers. i had full prayer and it just drinks all of the prayer pots
  7. I will look into that bug, also what do you mean in the first line?
  8. He means
    If(HP < 45%) {

    Use a teletab if the character is nearly dead.
  9. Wouldnt it be better just to eat food and if not use a ring of life?
  10. It's an emergency, make it eat food at like 75% HP
  11. I think there's some indication for whenever the frost dragon is being attacked by anyone else, I think there appears a star or an asterix next to the NPC name :p
  12. Really?! that would make life easy! xD
  13. Congrats on release.
  14. hi foxi
  15. Hello
  16. Are they're any notes on what you actually added/altered/fixed? I looked at the link up a couple of posts, it has nothing specific.
  17. could u please write all the setup?

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