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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by frazboyz, Aug 1, 2014.

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  2. Nice stable first script bot, looking forward to seeing what else you release.
  3. After some testing: Very stable script bot, working 100%
    First proggy of many
  4. Thanks!
  5. Can I get this for 07 pleasE?
  6. No sorry, i dont use 07 at all.
  7. Ran it over night for 9 hours, seems to have got stuck at some point trying to bank.
    It was at the berries with status banking but it was just sitting there. It banked about 10-11 times but then just decided to fail.

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  8. How do you mange to bot for 9 hr? Wb rs limit?
  9. I have no idea lol i was expecting it to be logged out but when i woke up and checked it was still logged in at the berry bush, berries per hour dropped to 40 and said banking but just stood there.

  10. Also, it seems to missclick the bush a lot of tiems and then sit there for 2-5 seconds waiting before it clicks again.
  11. I think this is clients bug. Happens to my bot too. .ineract doesnt work well i think
  12. @Cloud this probably has to do with the new implementation of loading models from cache isn't quite done yet right?
  13. Happened again . Not sure how long before it happened but it was running for 2 hours, same result. I noticed the mouse seems to hover in the distance towards the direction of the bank. Maybe its thinking the bank is visible? Perhaps add in a distance failsafe for bank opening so if its visible and within x coords it will bank

    Edit: Just checked and my suspicion was correct. The bank booths aren't null when you're standing at the berry place so i'm guessing you've forgot to add an isVisible check before it tries to open the bank.
    Also, this seems to only be happening when the camera is right down

    Edit2: Also gets stuck in waiting and spawn prediction sometimes

    Edit3: Walking to bank sometimes only clicks the first tile in the path and then just sits there
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  14. There are no bugs in the script bot itself, the web walking some times cant generate the path which is the most common bug which you mentioned.

    All these bugs you stated are related to client issues.
  15. Most of them should be fixable with script bot workarounds though... At the very least the banking bug where it stands at the berries and thinks its in the bank.
  16. Well for it to do that the inventory needs to be full and the banker needs to be on the screen so no its not a script bot bug.
  17. [​IMG]


    As you can see, when the camera is down it enters the banking state which should only be activated when you're in the bank. This indicates to me that there's a flaw in your logic, the fix may be as simple as making sure the player is within the bank area before entering the banking state, if its not, it should continue walking to the bank.
  18. Lol i have never played old school... nor botted it. i only code for rs3.
    But yea the bankers may be onscreen if the camera is that low. Ill look into it.
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