Player reports do matter

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  1. Just want to let it out there that it does matter. I have two accounts doing literally the same thing but not at the same time. One got the ban hammer but the other one survived. And the activity was around quite a bit of people with mob mentality.

    It seems like the number of reports need to add up and after a certain value, your account gets looked into either by mod asshole or an automated system.
  2. That's a high inefficient way to go about things, it is much more likely that an automated system is always running and profiling accounts as they play, building upon statistical analysis compared to legit players. Much more likely in this situation. But reports from other players would also get added into this as well.
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  3. What I'm trying to say is player reports play a factor. If enough people, e.g 10 30 or 50, report you, then you will be flagged for inspection. The system must also take into account other things too. Do not underestimate the Report button Enviga. That is what I did and now I know better.

    If you bot something that is around a ton of people (such as a minigame), divide up the total time you need to spend there over a period of a few days.
  4. Can confirm they play a factor.
  5. Pretty obvious tbh
  6. Yeah they don't have their report system for nothing
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  7. Back in the old days of runescape before EoC happened, and possibly even for a short time after, player reports were not utilized by Jagex. For the most part, it was all for show. The system was there to make people happy. However, now-a-days this is not the case. Jagex has buckled down and actually began to use the systems in which they have developed. Only took a few years lol
  8. Source?
  9. Maybe for macroing, but they definitely used it for other stuff. Otherwise I would not have been able to get that mute ban when no mods were around for telling a kid to go die of cancer.
  10. While it's pretty obvious the report system works, this post proves nothing. One account probably got scanned and banned, the other didn't. No matter how much we research, botting will always come down to luck if you get away with it. Who knows? A mod might have walked past the banned account and saw that you were botting and banned you on the spot. You never know.

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