RS3 Playing with Main and botting with second account

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  1. Hey Guys, i hope im in the right thread.
    i have a important question for me. But first i will tell you the hole thing. I have a good Main acc and i dont want to bot him. So i created last 6 months a second acc and started botting. And now i started back to play runescape. And my botting acc have now 20 mil. and i want to give it my main. And now my questions

    Can my main get banned if the second acc give my main the 20mil?
    And if i starting again with botting on the second acc. with the same IP, can my main get banned?
    ( I want to play at the same time while im botting)

    I saw no proxy options on the new Runemate 2.0 Spectre :/

    Thanks in advance :)

    Edit: im sorry for my english
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  2. Jagex only seem to care if you are a gold farmer - if you have one bot and one main and trade the gold earned between the two then you should be fine.

    Regarding using a proxy, read the following found in the sticky thread:

    How do I use a Proxy with Runemate?
    As Runemate uses the official client, there are no proxy options and you have to forward the traffic of the official client manually with 3rd party software. Read more in this Reddit guide: Client and proxy • /r/runescape
  3. I've traded over almost 200m from my Gold farm account and I'm fine, You should be aswell.
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  4. But i want to play with my main and botting with the second acc at the same time. Is it dangerous to botting with a second acc while playing with the main? I mean can get the main banned?
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    And are you playing with your main and botting at the same time, with the same ip adress?
  5. Yeah
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    You'll only get a chainban if you run a goldfarming thing with massive gp gains with alot of accounts
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  6. Thank you for your help :)
  7. You'll be fine with botting and sending over cash. I used to play legit on my main and bot 3 accounts... no ban whatsoever.
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  8. Never bot on the same ip as you use your main account! Jagex can ban all your accounts, even though you only botted on 1!
    Use proxy or VPN! Or dont play on the same ip.
  9. Paranoid much?
  10. Very much indeed. If he is using a VPN he is pretty stupid.

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