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  1. Hey guys i just dont know what skill to bot for runescape 3...i botted fishing to level 57 in almost a day and a half, but i realized that according to the wiki, you get sharks 100-175 per hour and thats about 100k p/hr which is horrible so now i dont know what do....i heard runecrafting is a good skill to bot for money,,,but im unsure...can u guys suggest anything to bot for money?

    EDIT: I think I'm going to goldfarm rocktails.
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  2. Ascension creatures.
  3. don't you need like level 80 slayer or something? Anyway, there is no slayer script bot at all for spectre :(
  4. Der is Alpha slayer, at least it used to work before Spectre. I'm sure it gets converted.

    @Aria ples conferm???
  5. Divination or rocktails.
  6. soon

    fucking never lol
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