PLEASE READ! Rules of the RuneMate General Market

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  1. The RuneMate General Market is for buying and selling RuneScape related goods. This section is just for when someone needs something RuneScape related but doesn't want to reside to a different site, it is in no means a final market and a more formal market will be created later. Please keep in mind that RuneMate guarantees nothing as there is no feedback system at the moment and all trades are at your own risk. If bad things happen and you do end up scammed we will of course take action against the scammer if you have valid proof.

    Please remember to always ask for a private message from the person you're buying from to assure you are talking to the right person and not to an impostor.

    Thank you for reading and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions at all feel free to post them below.

    P.S. People who wish to advertise a website are required to have the Sponsor rank.
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  2. how many times i can bump per day?
  3. There is no set limit, but just keep it hostile. Since the market doesn't get a lot of traffic as of now I think that more than once in like 6 hours is overkill.
  4. reasonable , thanks
  5. When are you guys coming out with a feedback system?
    Also, make different sections for different needs. It looks ugly how everything is munched together.
    Make some rules and guidelines as to what is and isn't allowed, otherwise people will be going crazy and stuff.

    Everything looks jumbled up together in one section with nothing more than two sentences to regulate the entire market. I know it's still new and all but it's hard for buyers to find what they're looking for and hard for sellers to make sales since they not only have to compete with others in that category, but every other category since it's all in one place. It shouldn't take more than a couple hours worth of work to organize this and come up with some decent rules. Having a strong market will help build this site also, it's why a lot of people come to sites.

    Just my two cents, though.
  6. Feedback is easily manipulated no need since people can directly vouch on the person's thread.

    The market isn't big enough atm (user wise) to work towards accommodating each type of offer. Having a full sub-forum is better than having an empty/scarce one.
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  7. That's kinda true, the good ol' vouch threads are pretty much what feedback is about.

    Expanding the market section with some sub-sections like gold, accounts, services etc would be great to structure it a bit!
  8. I agree with this.
    RM might not be as big as PB but a cleaner marketplace wouldn't hurt. Also, I would love a feedback system.
  9. Then make sub-sections for the most popular categories. One big thread dump is an eye sore.
    And vouch threads are annoying compared to feedback, honestly. feedback is so nice. You can see neutral and negative feedback also whereas vouch threads can easily just post past it and have it lost within the pages of the thread, only showing the positive feedback in the OP.

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