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  1. -first. @mods, move this to the most visible place on runemate.

    I recently sold 50m OSRS gp to use @Marcus111 (worth of 70$). He sent me money as a gift, and since i am new to PaypPal, i didn't know such scamms exist. Until i read about it, but it was too late. He "sent" money as a gift, as i mentioned before. And since only the one who is paying, can mark that as paid. He (@Marcus111) marked the transaction as paid. And i didn't get the money. I can not refund or get my rsgp back. So i am notifying you to be careful.

    @Admins, @Mods, if you can do anything please help me. Atleast to get him to speak and get banned (ip if possible. I don't want other people to get scammed as i did)...

    Here you can read about the scamm as i did:

    Proof: [​IMG]

    @Cloud @Arbiter @Aidden @EvilCabbage @Furor
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  2. I saw it. Checked his pp via tv. This is real -.-
  3. I'll take your word for the PayPal thing. @mazi1m, could you post some proof of the transaction having taken place so I can take action against @Marcus111?
  4. Fuck me, didn't screen recorded.
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    I'm sending all skype conversation in few mins, so yea, there is proof.
  5. Thanks. Yeah i didnt know people can scamm that way either until i tved him
  6. Alright.
  7. He deleted me from skype after the transaction. Pretty clear what he did.
    Here is the conversation.
  8. What's his skype?
  9. it's marcusgonzalo1

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