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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Prodigy, May 12, 2015.

  1. I get the error " Please wait until Runescape is logged in! " when running one specific script bot. Jfletchers by Eagles13

    I know this is a problem specific to me and the computer I am using, because i tried running it on my vps, and it started without a hitch. Every other script bot that I have tried to run, works flawlessly and without any error of the sort.

    I have tried restarting my computer (not that I expected that to work), and deleting the Runemate folder and .jar and giving it a fresh dl, but that did not work either.

    Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, how do I go about resolving this issue?


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    Post #13 by Cloud, May 16, 2015
  3. This is client support, which is for client issues. For bot specific issues please post in the respective bot's thread.
  4. I did reply on the script bot specific forum, but since everyone else is able to run the script bot without a hitch, the script bot writer (Eagles13) said it was a client issue, and that Cloud would be able to help.

    He said it might be a client error specific to my gamepack. I deleted runemate and the folder in c drive and redownloaded, but still gives the same error. It works fine on my vps.
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    Now, other scripts bots like a recently released LRC script bot is giving the same error. Am I the only one getting this error? i am clearly logged into RS. Is it something related to my graphic settings?
  5. It start happening to all Eagles scripts bots after the latest rs update, I havent been able to run his fletcher ever since.
  6. @Cloud Could this be a gamepack-related thing? I've tested the relevant bots, and they work fine.
  7. I am also getting wierd errors like the one below, that no one else seems to be getting with the same scripts bots. Other people can run those scripts bots without a hitch. Also, I can run the same script bot, without a problem on my vps. But for some reason, when i run it on my laptop, it throws this error.

    at app.WN.for(kxb:83)
    at com.alpha.api.Bank.getNearest(
    at com.alpha.api.Bank.isPresent(
    at$$Lambda$821/850063436.test(Unknown Source)
    at$2$1.accept(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.LinkedList$LLSpliterator.tryAdvance(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at$FindOp.evaluateSequential(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(fqb:54)
  8. What is your gamepack id?
  9. Not exactly sure, what that is, or how to find it.
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    is it this?
  10. Yes it is. @Cloud
  11. could someone please help with this? Cant run a majority of the scripts bots. All of them keep erroring out.
  12. @Cloud will look at it at his earliest opportunity I'm sure.
  13. Could you give us an explanation or atleast your thought why its happening to just a few of us? Seems like majority of the community can run bots without errors, I havent been able to run a single one since the update
  14. Try now.
  15. Thanks! Seems to work now! :D
  16. Seems to be running pretty well now yes, thanks a lot!

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