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Would plugins be a good idea?

  1. YES!

  2. No

  3. Maybe in the future

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  1. An extremely nice feature RuneM8 could have, is plugins.

    Plugins would work in conjunction with the main bot which is running, or would give functionality to the bot client for normal/legit players (Like OSBuddy).

    Plugins would save the bot developers time as they wouldn't have to add a single function to all their bots (ex. Chat logger, read below) and would give the user more freedom over features.

    Plugins are of course made by the bot developers.

    Examples of plugins:
    Chat logger, a simple plugin which just simply logs all/some messages sent to you.
    Chat responder, answers via cleverbot. (There could be a Keyboard.disablePluginUsage(true) or something like that for a bot to disable plugin interaction)
    Drop displayer, For legit players to see the drop name and price like on OSBuddy.
    Other OSBuddy-like plugins like the potion notifier etc etc for legit players.
    Notifier, a simple plugin that would send custom notifications to phone. (Like level up, death, private message received and so on)
    Break handler. Yes! make this a plugin so the RM8 developers don't have to do this!
    Drop Logger. Log all drops to a file.

    This list can go on and on and these are mere examples of what we could do with plugins, so i hope you agree with me.

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  2. Hm I don't know, I won't play legit with the RM client, as it costs too many resources.
  3. Of course the memory issues will be fixed in the future. But this is not only for legit players, but it is a win-win situation for all, for the bot devs, botters and legit players.
  4. No legit player would use a bot to play, simply because it's a bot..
  5. Like i just said, this would not just benefit legit players (if any) but botters too.
  6. Legit players wont use bot client amigo
  7. I get what you're saying here. The guys above are just trolling you. It's a great idea, and already in the back of our minds. We want to implement it almost exactly how you specified where the bot will have the ability to turn on/off plugins, either individually or globally, as is needed. We just need to be sure we implement it well so it may not happen immediately, but it doesn't mean we've forgotten.
  8. - Dungeoneering helper (yes, the one @SlashnHax made is a very good example)
    - Elite clues: either painting a zone that has already been scanned (draw a circle with radius # if the scan radius is #, to see what areas are not scanned yet) or either locating the next digging spot by the arrow. This *should* give a good estimate.
    - Showing timers on stuff like Runite rocks, maybe even dropped items during drop parties...?
  9. Yeah, i've seen enough of these guys on the skype dev chat :p

    These are good examples of plugins for legit players, yeah.

    And oh, i do play with the RM client. Currently questing with it :p
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