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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by thejaru, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Anyone that is interested in making money with me, PM me. I'll be running all bots, you provide accounts, we split profits. Have 3 people doing so with me at the moment, solid money. Good moolah yeah yeah, 120 range on 1 acc, 120 def on the other, third one has 70m range, 120def/range accounts are both getting 120 hp soon. Gonna hit 200mrange on the 120 range soon, and 120 range on the 120 def soon. Lots of xp's, no bans, many love, much sex. Spam post because I can and want to


    Contact me for further information - j.sumel96 is my skype
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  2. Don't take my method without cutting me in like you said you would.
    I can post you saying you would over pms if you'd like.
    Kinda low if you ask me.
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  3. I know what it is just by looking at the screenshots, wont disclose though xD
  4. I'll save you the time

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    If you tell me you don't genuinely expect any income heading your way, it'll be like that. In addition, these aren't my accounts and I keep a minimal fraction of the profits for people letting me use their accounts, as-- like I stated to you in PM's-- my main was banned for botting Div for 140+ hours straight.

  5. I know your runescape accounts name anyway.
    I wouldn't of told you if your going to spread the fucking method.
    Im done here.
    This is why no one shares information.

  6. "I'll be running all bots, you provide accounts". I don't provide setups, loots, locations, or any information to anyone whose accounts i'm botting. I start the bot, and before I stop it I teleport to prif, and leave the account neutral in resting state for when the account owners return to their PC's. I'm sorry you're butthurt I'm not giving you money when you said I didn't need to. Not only that, but I offered you a slayer XP Glitch, which you had no comment on. People share information all the time, hence why I have 3 accounts being shared with me at the moment. I capitalized on something you never took advantage of. That isn't my fault, nor is it yours; but to assume i'm spreading the method and then defaming me on my thread is another thing altogether. Rude, and I've reported all your posts.

    EDIT: [​IMG] Since for some reason you want me to repost this picture, "anything you send my way is appreciated." At no point did you directly state you wanted money from me in exchange for your method, and I said I could cut you in, not that I will. I've also made it extremely clear that my profits are very low from this, and have no money to share with you. Hence why I am trying to expand and capitalize further on what you failed to capitalize on. Stop being so upset because you're bad.
  7. Report all you want, I have proof in the thread.
    I shouldn't have to demand anything when you the one who offered. You said your account got banned and so I said don't worry about it, but your obviously making money now. Anyone could see that I was simply being a decent human being.
    Not worth my time to continue this, I doubt any of this will get removed as it truly doesn't matter. I have 13 accounts and you have 3-4.
  8. Ok, Mr.13 accounts, take your sadness elsewhere then? There'd be nothing to continue if you weren't irrationally angry in the first place. I'm sure your 13 accounts makes up for more than my 500k/hr from 3 accounts. Thanks though.
  9. You act one way when you want something from someone and another once you've got what you've want. You may be on the internet, but you can retain decency.
  10. Many people that I've dealt with properly have had nothing but pleasure dealing with me. When you come out of nowhere and attack me, and then threaten my account "I know your account's username", I'm not passive; and I don't take kindly to idle threats. Shit happens. If you wanted an agreement, one should have been made, you gave me something, without directly asking for anything; I'm sorry you made that mistake and feel the need to whine about it publicly, but it's pathetic.
  11. It is an idle threat because it wasn't a threat. YOUR BOTTING WRONG IF I CAN FIND YOUR ACCOUNT. I'm absolutely pissed I shared the method with you. There are NO bottable methods that reach this gp/h.
  12. \
    Well that's not true, there are plenty private scripts bots developped on SRL that reach this profit/hr, and some even higher.
  14. I highly doubt that. Especially ones that you can run consistently with no time/profit limits.
  15. Luckily for everyone alive in the world today, your doubts are not reality.
  16. On SRL, ye right.
  17. Can you just close this thread and literally never originate a thought with my screen name attached to it. I don't want to have to reply to you again. I have to have the last word man. :D
  18. ?
  19. He means prepare your anus.
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  20. Are we doing this now

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