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  2. Legend :)

    Will give it a go and post results.

    Edit: Working well indeed! Over 100k/hr total xp.

    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 7, 2016, Original Post Date: Jun 6, 2016 ---
    Error on start instance:

    Code (Text):
    2. java.lang.NullPointerException
    3.     at bot.NuL.<init>(j:199)
    4.     at com.pBots.bots.p_nightmarezone.NightmareZone.enum(d:56)
    5.     at bot.COM1.onStart(hb:83)
    6.     at
    7.     at
  3. Now working again with new version!
  4. awesome bot, maybe you could add option that bot could start nmz with "rumble (normal)' mode - not customizable.?
  5. The reason it's locked into customisable is that 90%+ of the time in non-customisable you'll end up facing bosses that the bot isn't designed for (Elvarg, Tanglefoot etc etc).

    However, please feel free to request more bosses that you are capable of fighting without changing any sort of equipment - I only added the ones I am able to face.

    Next push should also deliver some bug fixes, especially the one where it will only cycle through one dream.

  6. the reason i've requested this is that i've only done those quests which are required to start nmz. In this case i would spend 2k per dream instead of 22k
  7. I'll look at it, but I do feel like it would unnecessarily complicate the UI for some people!
  8. Good conversation going on. Any clue when the next push will go through, Party? Also, I noticed that the bot will eventually start to fail the prayer ticking. Example: Bot is currently running for 45 minutes and is sitting at 3 hp. I haven't interfered with the client or leveled up in health. Is there anything I can do to help solve this?
  9. Interesting, never seen this problem myself. Can you observe it/get me a log snippet from a prayer flick? It should happen "relatively" quickly, certainly within the minute window.

    Next push will be later after I've committed, so depends when Execs get to it :)
  10. I'll try and monitor it and see if it goes from three to four and then check the logs. Alright, sweet. Thanks again :) Can't wait to be able to run the bot for multiple dream cycles. By the way, is the prayer flick duration random? And a very minor thing I noticed is that it clicks the overloads twice every time, I presume to make sure it actually eats it.
  11. Meh the double-click overload is pretty minor. I can work at reducing it but I think I actually prefer it.

    I set a new duration every time it flicks, between 20 and 40 seconds.
  12. Indeed, very minor. So the hp went from 3 to 4. I have no idea what happened, as the logs show it giving out the message "next flick in X" and none of them are too large. I can only presume it misses a flick? Not sure if it would be fixed by assigning a duration between say 30-50, since I feel like thats how most of the people who play legit operate.
  13. It physically cannot miss a flick, it will not reset the timer until the prayer is deactivated.. Most people go for ~30 seconds, which is why it's between 20-40.

    It's weird though cause I've never seen it miss one I don't think.
  14. Huh. That's odd indeed. Okay sounds good, I'm sure you know the flick durations better than I do. I wonder what could be causing the HP rise, though.
  15. hp level increase?
  16. Nah. Thought the same in the beginning, but it isn't. Bot's now been running for 50 min and I'm at 5hp again :p
  17. Really strange, you must be experiencing super slow method calls or something.
  18. Is there any way I can solve that?
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