POH Gilded Altar 1.0.5

Prayer XP

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    POH Gilded Altar - Prayer XP

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    #1 auxi, Oct 12, 2016
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  2. Awesome, now I can take mine down when I can find the time.
  3. Completely forgot to credit both you and @qverkk

    I learned loads from your bot and imo you should let it stay. Mine may not be flawless :D
  4. No worries, mine is not for sure, keep getting null pointer messages every once in awhile. (Got 70-99 prayer myself with it tho).
  5. Hmm, the bot doesn't seem to teleport back to the fight pits. My tokkul zo is in the action bar and everything.
  6. Try putting your tokkul-zo on a different actionbar, like the first one.
  7. Ahh yes, I had it in my sixth action bar, so that seemed to be the issue. Thanks again for another amazing bot, just like your waterfiends.
  8. The waterfiend bot is @qverkk's. But thanks :D
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  9. oh haha! similar names XD, nonetheless, still good bot :)
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  10. bot works great for everything other than the teleport option. when it moves the mouse over tokkul zo on the action bar it fails to click on it and ends up logging out!
  11. How often does this happen? If everytime, try putting the tokkul-zo on a different actionbar (not different slot, completely different actionbar).
  12. sometimes it works for a few runs, then when the mouse hovers over the action bar its like it doesnt allow more than one right click if the first one messes up. I tried moving the tokkul zo around on the action bar, and also tried another action bar page but the same error happens.
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  13. Submitted a fix for this! Thanks for the bug report.
  14. What are the xp rates with this bot??
  15. Completely depends on what you use. The bot supports ashes and bones, any of them :)
  16. the bot doesnt open the door to the room, gets stuck on the garden, how do i fix this?

    and just keep teleporting to the plaza
  17. Didn't even think about that. To fix it, go to your POH settings and enable to keep the doors open permanently :)
  18. didnt even knew there was a option for that lol, any fix to the plaza teleport?
  19. No worries. And could you elaborate on the second thing? I'm not sure what you mean.

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