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  1. I try to looked for API but couldn't find but I was wondering of a check if Health poison method can be added :)
  2. @Cloud seems like a reasonable request imho.
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    @NastyNate, in the meantime I'm sure you can come up with a clever solution. There's a good chance that data is stored in a varp. Worst case scenario you can always use the interface.
  3. I'm not really sure where I'd include this at in the API.
  4. @Cloud

    Players.getlocal().getCurrentHealth.(Posion method)

    if (Posion method) true then click Anti-poison

    Also prob add getcurrenthealth to Players.getlocal

    instead of having Health as a separate class

    Then again im lazy as fuck so I don't know if you want to take my advice.

  5. Actor.isPoisoned

    Of course you (currently) have no way to tell, so it would always return false unless the actor is the local player and the local player is poisoned. You could monitor hitsplats to update an Actor's (other than the local player) status, but that can always be done later.
  6. In Oldschool I used varp[102] to determine whether or not the local player is poisoned. The value is greater than 0 when poisoned, and 0 or below when not poisoned (Goes negative when you drink anti-poison). Probably something similar for RS3.
  7. If someone can get the complimentary values for RS3 I will add this to the API. Potentially the Health class.
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