[POLL] Squared or round avatars?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by EvilCabbage, Sep 14, 2014.


Squared or round

  1. Squared

  2. Round

  1. So currently you will be able to see squared avatars next to forum posts and round avatars everywhere else.

    We would like to know what you, the community, think looks better. Please let us know in the poll :)
  2. triangle
  3. Bleh, I liked the round ones.
  4. I like the square ones, the round ones omitted too much of the avatar.

  5. My point exactly lol
  6. Square. Beautiful, beautiful squares.
  7. Dodecahedron.
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  8. Clever.
  9. Squares are better, you see more of the avatar.
  10. Why not have a square with rounded corners?
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  11. The rest of the site is square, I don't think that would fit very well.
  12. I think it would be a good idea to have a theme with round avatars and one with squared.

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