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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by mateogon, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. theres a fc called "portables" that hosts all different kind of portables in various worlds, mainly in lumbridge combat academy, so bots that could support using the portables and banking there would be nice.
    sometimes people ran out of portables or stop hosting so, maybe the bot should have like an auto log out if no one has set a portable in x minutes. and usually there are more than one world hosting the same kind of portable, so you could set some worlds for the bot to hop if there are no more portables in the current world :p.
  2. Alpha Portables supports all portables.

    I don't plan to add world hopping as people could mess up the bot by announcing fake worlds.

  3. Don't be cheap and by your own portable, they're like 5k each on the G.E
  4. @Aria u need to fix somethings ;d sometimes it freezes after clicking mix potions on well. Sometimes when opens bank and doesnt withdraw the preset. And sometimes it tries to set up an well while in bank if its false

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