Possible ban wave?

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  1. Weath is on vacation right now and I read he's the only guy doing the banning. Are we in for a ban wave when he comes back like with many flagged accounts stacked up for inspection?
  2. Well yes
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    Unless he decides that theres waay too many reports and deletes those from when he was gone and starts fresh
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  3. Has this occured in the past?
  4. Mod weath only does OSRS?
  5. Yep.
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  6. Okay thanks :)
  7. OSRS has a high banrate atm :p not a real banwave ^.^
  8. this.
    It is generally riskier to bot on osrs
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  9. Tbh i dont know why :p i would find it easier to add an antibotting system into RS3 :)
    But i think Jagex is more into getting more players on their main game :p
  10. I still think these banrates are from people leaving bots running for an unreasonable amount of time. I babysit mine, and I've never had an issue.
  11. yeah this is what I don't get, people always complain but most of the time they're suicide betting. I've bottled on a main on and off for years never been banned...
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  12. I hope not.
  13. Hmmm interesting... My second account (haven't botted on it for 1 full day now) got banned this morning when I logged into OS runemate client.
  14. we should report on everyone we see in RS to make that list long as fuck LOOOL
  15. Create a bot that reports players for betting.
    challenge accepted.
  16. Issue with that is... Once they find out that that happened, they will just ignore all reports made by that bot and poof, there goes your hard work.
  17. doesnt have to be a bot
    just report everyone for small things LOOL! that list will be in a million
  18. Its not a terrible idea but I think the antibot system flags the account and then Mod Wealth investigates it. Mybe but idk though
  19. 1) how does the anti bot system work any ways lol and is it on OS or RS3
  20. Do you think we would still develop bots/clients which could get you banned if we knew how exactly the system works?

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