Question Possible Fix to all the Bans???

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  1. Hate linking to other sites so I wont this is copy and pasted from the thread that TriLez made on his website about bans

    Hello community,

    After some investigation into the RS client, I have noticed a new piece of code in the RS client which could potentially flag users of 3rd party clients as botters. So I did some more investigation/testing and found that Jagex does use this piece of code to ban accounts. I am 100% confident that this new detection method has led to the increase in bans. Further, all botting clients which have not already patched this detection method are affected. So please be cautious when using other botting clients, because if they haven't patched this detection method, you will be banned.

    But do not let this worry you about the future of botting. I am working diligently on a patch for this detection method, which should be released within the next few days.

    I advise everyone to stop using non-LG TRiBot until I release the patch, unless you don't care about your account. Once again, I also advise everyone to be cautious when using other botting clients, for the reason stated above.

    Due to the nature of Looking Glass (LG) and the nature of the detection, this detection method has limited to no effect on botters using LG. I haven't had any accounts get banned solely from using LG, but for the same reasons this detection method is capable of getting legit players banned, I am going to say that this detection method has a limited effect.

    This isn't the only [possible] detection method in the client. I usually silently release a patch for detection methods so that it takes Jagex some time to release that we know of the detection method. But since I am 100% confident this detection method leads to bans, and that many people have been hit by this, I am writing this to inform everyone on the situation.

    I'll keep everyone updated on the status of this patch.


    TRiBot Staff


    @Arbiter @Cloud Is this all bs or does this only concern OSRS. I know he mentions Looking Glass a lot (you have to pay $9/month for it) so is it just some gimmick to get $$ or is he onto something.
  2. sounds like bs but if true, It's awesome.
  3. Looling glass is great it hooks into official cliemt in the browser or osbuddy which you have open when botting so jagex sees you are playing on official client and i believe this is 100% true based on my tests making account logging in on rs3 skipping tut island than usually 1-2 days later i log in and are banned on login, an on os i made 2 new dmm accounts 1 was a mule the other i botted for 40 mins on and had to take over every 5-10 minute because of beig attacked so dont think it was detected and both accounts temp banned, also i had an rs3 account i bought 20m on trade a bond to another account and 2 days later logged in to trade the bond and was banned on login, and also been botting last 2 months 24/7 on my rs3 ironman and over last 2 weeks i recieved my temp ban then got the perm ban 4 days later
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  4. TriLez is a legit guy.

  5. Not sure if serious...
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  6. Lol, imo he's legit. Talking from tribot experience.
  7. Dang bruh, punctuation.
  8. I was about to say the same thing.

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