Suggestion Possible Supporter+ Add-On?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Wizard, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. What about e-mails. I would love to have one and I'm sure others would too. I have an @__BUDDY.COM (censored to prevent advertising) e-mail from when they offered them a while ago via
  2. I had one for runedream, lol. Only problem I see with it being supporter is what would happen when their subscription runs out? Maybe it could be more of a donator thing. If you've ever donated before you can make one.
  3. Yes, much better.
  4. That's interesting. It's not hard to do either and I'm sure would be yet another way to indirectly advertise the website. I support! :)
  5. But where would you use it? And why? Because you know this site won't be here forever and many people have @hotmail or @gmail accounts.

    I also had a buddy email but after they went down they deleted the mail.
  6. Lol my rsbuddy e-mail is still active? The provider is Outlook.
  7. i and many others still have @RSbuddy emails. I believe I have an @Arbibots one too.
  8. Lol, yeh he must've forgotten his e-mail info.

  9. Ah ArbiBots! What a throwback! Loved that site and I miss my ArbiFisher :(

    Hotmail and gmail also provide for other domains such as RSBuddy & _____bot (will not say due to advertisement purposes). Even if the domain is no longer active, the emails will be. The same could be said for any domain you use as a email to be honest. Why do you use gmail, yahoo, hotmail, comcast, etc?
  10. Yeah, I was a happy kid when I started making money with the sorceress garden script bot. :D

    OT: I think it'd be a good idea.
  11. The problem is that @RSBuddy etc. can be removed by the site itself. gmail, yahoo and hotmail most likely won't do that.
  12. Were you one of the 6-7 people that used my RSBuddy account? Lol
  13. Other providers are also more reliable.
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  15. Lolol went back and checked and it indeed does. :p
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  16. No, I didn't meet you until like a good month into RSB. :p
    We're actually Illuminati.
  17. There are many others you could use. Like GMail. My school uses them.
  18. Pretty sure those are paid too. Like $50/email.
  19. Oh, jeez.

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