Resolved Possible webwalking glitch due to runescape walk marker correction

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Furor, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Edit: First of all, I have no idea how webwalking works so I might be just taking a stab in the dark here...

    So when using webwalking I think that its bugging out when it clicks on unreachable areas and then the map automatically corrects the walk marker (without actually changing the marker on the minimap?). Basically, it thinks that its going to walk to the place originally placed and then is preparing to click on the next map point, but the point never gets in view of the minimap because the marker corrected to a different place than intended and it just stands there.

    This can be seen in action with this video:

    Possible solutions:
    Click not as close to the edge of the minimap because these corrections are often minimal
    Halve the distance moved so that if it messes up once the next point will always be in view.

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  2. From what I can tell from that video it seems that it simply isn't trying to interact with the minimap again, potentially because of either bad code or an invalid path. It doesn't look like its having trouble clicking it.
  3. The thing is, is that it only happens when the path gets corrected. If it doesn't click on the tree/fence like it did it works fine for some reason. Using a smaller minimap it doesn't click on that fence area and mess up.
  4. It does reachability checks to determine where to click, but the current destination isn't taken into account for the path generation nor is it used to determine the next coord to click. It is used to determine if it's time to click or not, so try doing step(false).

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