powerbot sucks. Runemate for ever.

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  1. I hate powerbot it sucks their detection is really bad.

    There scripters are good but the manager chris sucks when truth hits him hard

    I recently came up with that zezima was jagex's first automation bot running rsbot but wasn't called rsbot then.

    I believe jagex made a bot and threw out the open sourcecode for everybody to view and make bots from because they know that players will get banned then make new accounts which makes jagex money.

    That's my theory anyway.

    Chris banned me from the forum for that theory of mine really upset him badly. Their bot wont be missed too many people getting banned on first getgo with powerbot.
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  2. #conspiracy
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  3. I don't believe your conspiracy theory but I'm happy you enjoy our bots.
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  4. thank you.
  5. He gets annoyed so easily. I got banned a while ago because I joined a discussion of detection methods and that "a different bot was much safer because of no instabans" then I wrote that people should pm me if they wanna know what bot I was talking about (being RuneMate ofcourse).
    An hour or two later I was banned for 'advertising'. Smh Chris the Butthurt shouldn't even read my pms, which he did.
    I'm glad I'm gone there.

    Edit: RuneMate is the first site where I actually buy something to support it.
  6. Interesting theory, @Bertrand came up with a similar idea, pretty cool!
  7. People can't handle the truth. I believe Chris works for Illuminati Ltd, which explains why you got banned.
  8. What now?
  9. Only reason I used rsbot.org/powerbot.org was for iDungeon and Auto Soul Wars PRO once they moved over from Nexus. Rest was pure cancer. No thank you.

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  10. me with baby @Arbiter and @SlashnHax shielding ourselves from jagex mind control, they use photo-electromagnetic ecto-pulses emitted from miniscule pixel changes in your screen to make you bot and get banned so you have to buy the game again, arbiter managed to successfully confirm this theory using just a cucumber at the age of 12, im very proud of him


    wat u chattin bout f00l
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    Ok srs: Welcome to RM, happy botting :)
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  11. Nexus was the name of the bot client with all of the premium scripts bots you had to buy (~25$ per script bot), it was pre 2011, once jagex shut them down the writers for the iDungeon script bot and Auto Soul Wars PRO script bot went and joined rsbot.org at the time more known as powerbot.org today. They were active for about a year or two before they vanished and so did most of rsbot/powerbot userbase as well.
  12. Because of RSBuddy I assume :p
  13. Exactly, RSbuddy was about to get sued by jagex as well but they came to an agreement or w/e and became a "toolkit" instead.

    I really hope the script bot writers from Nexus come across RM at some point and start writing scripts bots for us here :p
  14. I know what Nexus bots are/were (been in the scene a long long time :p )- I was saying that I thought iDungeon (kiko's) was never a nexus bot, could be wrong. Only really came to know iDungeon a few months before it's migration to RSBuddy.
  15. The kid in the middle is @Ian C
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  16. The story I heard about RSBuddy is a fair bit different from that one xD
  17. Yeah, that's not true at all... :p
  18. Yes he was the writer for the dungeon bot that later changed name to iDungeon when he joined rsbot/powerbot :p
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    Yeah well there are tons of stories floating around, that was one of them I heard back then. :p
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    Eh, like mentioned above, there are tons of stories of what happened. That one was told from one of the staff members in a topic that was deleted shortly after he posted it.
  19. tl;dr - bot nuke day, MMG offers job if bot devs are actually capable of recovering in a reasonable timeframe, jacmob goes to runefest with unreleased RSBuddy fix, gets job at Jagex as anti-bot specialist, continues RSBuddy as a business that operates a legit client.
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  20. Good old nexus days, searching the internet for auth codes for hours :D
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