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  2. The drop system needs to be refined a little bit as it misses the drop button every 3rd drop or so. Other than that great script bot and thanks for making botting mining on OSRS possible! Hope to see great things expand from this bot.
  3. That said, how many players do you know that would legit get every ore first time? :)
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  4. Well drop system could have a little bit higer chance to drop, also if bot presses accidently "use" while droping it frezzes till you cancel, normaly it dosent, only when u move mouse by accident or to check something...

    Bot is working very great, thx for making :)
  5. No worries and thanks for feedback, the things you have mentioned should be relatively easy to fix :)
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  6. Thank God, finally a working miner. Does it work on granite?
  7. Did'nt start for me earlier. I will try it again later. Thanks for this great script bot! Can't wait to get my mining on!
  8. Not yet, I'll have a look though, I think granite has various different rock types right?
  9. Thanks for being the one bot author that responds to their discussion! This is how it should be!
  10. Yes it does, 3 different granite rocks.
  11. I'm working on something else at the moment, but I can add it real quick if you're willing to lend me a hand.
  12. I believe what was stopping this script bot to start was on the Client side. It started up for the first time for me this morning and is working fantastic! Thanks a lot!
  13. Running this at the Al-kharid 3 iron spot and it's running fantastically! Thanks for the great bot :)

    One thing I noticed also is that it looks for all of the ore on the screen to powermine when usually you only want the ones immediately around you. I imagine it might be easy to add a radius to check that way for iron, for example, I can set it to only mine the ones 1 square away from me.

    I fixed this problem by just turning my camera so that only the ores I want to mine are in my view, but, and I'm not sure if this is true or not, there may be places that you aren't able to position the camera this way. Nonetheless, it's running perfectly at Al-kharid with my camera positioned correctly.
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  14. I'll add a radius :)
  15. It sometimes accidentally left clicks an item in the inventory when dropping. That makes it break because it can't acces the "mine" and "drop" options anymore
  16. Thanks for the report, will look into it.
  17. What do you need? Lol I didnt even realize you replied to me :(
  18. It's super easy, though I'm working off memory so method may be a little off.

    If you load up the Development Kit (on the bot store) whilst stood next to a granite vein/rock, then open up the GameObjects menu, you'll see a list of Game Objects.

    Somewhere on that list (it's filtered by distance from you) you'll see the Granite Rock, open that list up. Then you'll have options like:


    I think you need to open getDefinition, and then getColorSubstitutions.

    In getColorSubstitutions, there will be two values, getKey and getValue, I'll need both! A screenshot or just the values will suffice :)
  19. I'll try to do that today, but I'm heading out of town for work so it may wait till next weekend but ill let you know as soon as I have it!
  20. Do you not play the game Party?
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