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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by David30, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. I have a suggestion for premium bots to have a one time purchase fee only where once we buy it we own it
  2. REad it wrong. Damn it. Again...
  3. >Buys a premium bot for a one time price of $25
    >Notices the bot doesn't work as he thought
    >Complains and wants a refund.

    With the credit system we want to prevent that. Plus the credit system is a lot cheaper.
    With $25 credit you can run a premium bot that costs about 4 or 5 cents an hour for about 500 hours, most users don't even bot one skill or activity that long (plus you might get banned for botting one thing for that long).
    And for those gold farmers who would bot more than this, it is completely fine that they in an equal rate to their income.
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  4. I would not mind for a premium bot for a one time price of $25 if I had the option to do so
  5. The hourly price is better, to be honest.
    Casual players doesn't have to pay a lot to use the premium bot for a short amount of time, and gold farmers will have to pay a lot more to use it on all their accounts. Makes perfect sense to me.
  6. I would like a one time fee of 25 dollars for a premium bot so once I buy it I do not have to worry about spending any more money thats just my suggestion
  7. Just buy $25 runemate credit
    same thing, but with the benefit that you can spend it on several bots.
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  8. And that you won't have to pay an addition fee of 8$ for VIP in order to bot.
  9. Credit != Donation
    You get supporter rank only for donations.
  10. That's why RM > other clients
  11. Huh? Do other bots require VIP in order to use premium bots?
  12. I think there's a cap on how long you can bot, and it requires VIP to bypass that.

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