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  1. I'm working on a chinchompa hunter. The script bot is already functional, but before I'm releasing it, I want it to fulfill more needs.

    Current features:
    - Auto-detect how many traps have to be placed
    - Auto-detect positions for the traps to be put on
    - Prioritization - Pick up collapsed box traps first, then dismantle successful traps, then fill empty spots, then dismantle failed traps
    - Lay traps from collapsed traps if they are on one of your trap spots, else pick it up
    - Grey and red chinchompas
    - GUI
    - Option to kill chinchompas that are too far away from your area (with a bow)
    - Fail-safes
    - Switch to 5 traps instead of 4 after leveling up to 80
    - Hop worlds if someone is hunting in your area
    - Informative paint - Currently looks like this:
    The spots are color coded to show whether they are empty (black), successful (green), waiting (orange) or failed (red). I'm taking suggestions for more information on the paint.

    Suggested features (under consideration):
    - AIO instead of just chinchompas

    Please, feel free to leave suggestions. I want my scripts bots to be top tier quality, so no suggestion is too much (that doesn't mean I'll accept anything though).
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  2. Nice outfit Kappa
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  4. Finished GUI and support for both types of chinchompas last night, working on the chin shooting part now.
  5. Now lays traps straight from the GroundItem if a trap collapses and it's on one of your trap spots.

    Also added the chin killing, but it's far from done.
  6. Releasing beta on next push, world hopping soon (not like it's needed though).
  7. I'd make this script bot premium when the bot becomes more popular per-say?

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