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  1. So, I just paid $5 to start using the divination premium script bot and have a question about how the payment works.

    I used the script bot for about 1 hour, 25 mins or so. In the first session. it used up .05$ on start, and another .05$ at the start of the next hour.

    After the first session was completed, I started the script bot up again, and it used up another .05$ as soon as the bot started. Is this how it is supposed to work? Shouldnt the 35 mins from my previous session be added to this session before it takes another .05$ out of my account?

    Would just like to know if its a bug, or if this is how it is supposed to work. Thanks!

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  3. You spend $0.05 to start a new hour, you can bot until that hour ends, or stop the session earlier.
    It's like ice cream, you pay $1 for an ice cream, and then you can either eat it completely or throw it away after the half :)
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  4. Oh, right. so it takes .05$ to start a session, then .05$ every hour. And if you want to take full advantage of the money u are paying, you should stop it closer to the end of the hour.

    Thanks for clearing that up!
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  5. Hah glad it's settled - I love the ice cream metaphor.

    But yes it you want to get the most out of it then turn off the bot at XX:59:59. :p
  6. Yeah, will probably start doing that now!
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  7. One more thing to note is that if you stop the bot before the hour is up, and then start it again within the same client instance then it will continue the previous session and therefore you won't be charged twice for the same hour :) However, if you were to close the client and run it in a different instance of the client the session will no longer carry over.
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  8. That makes sense! Thanks for clearing that up. Will keep that in mind next time :)
  9. I didn't even know that. Thanks Aidden

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