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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JohnsonJohn, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Been here for a couple of weeks but forgot to post in this thread.

    So far I'm loving this site! I'm coming here from EpicBot. After spending more than I should have in scripts bots, receiving a permanent ban on my main account (10 years with no prior offenses), and receiving a 2-day ban on my new "main" account (I was fletching for 6-12 hours MAX a day), I decided EpicBot wasn't worth it. Especially for the ridiculous prices they charge per bot.

    Read around different forums and made my way here. I'm loving the Spectre UI. I haven't been able to suicide bot anything without something crashing for some reason (probably for the best actually), but it has been a lot more reliable than my previous overpriced site.

    Anyways, I'm 22, enjoy botting more than actually playing most of the time, and am happy to be here
  2. Great to hear, welcome!

    Be sure to follow some easy guidelines as how and where to post and you'll love it here. Should you need anything, pm me, and I may be able to help you out.
  3. Hey bud. I agree that EpicBot is a bit pricey - that said the bots I've used there have worked pretty well.

    If you're concerned about bans, I suggest you read up on a couple threads about the forums with more information on how the RS Bot Detection works.
  4. I guess I can relate to you. Spent over 100€ on paid scripts bots, just received a permanent ban on my close to 15 years old main with 2 letter log in name. I finally switched over to Runemate, just to find out about spectre, which fits my needs perfectly. I thought it was still the old runemate from years ago, but it's actually completly different now, and looks very promising regarding bans. I created a new account on the same pc/ip I got banned on, just to test how bulletproof this bot is. So far, I achieved 99 firemaking in 2-3 days of almost non stop botting - thanks AlexH666. Currently aiming for woodcutting 99, rlly hyped for Maxi Woodcutter 2.0. Many bots here surpass the quality of the bots by EpicBot.

    Back on topic, the Spectre UI is awesome! Whoever designed it, thank you. Not to forget about the devs behind the scene, who ensure that RuneMate works flawlessly, thank you all. About your bots crashing, that kinda depends on the setup and which bot you are using, and happens rarely from my experience. Mostly it was not enought ram allocated or getting stuck behind an interface element, which can be fixed by choosing a different interface.

    Botting is definitely a fun, combined with RuneMate - so far safe experience. (I am hardcore botting for a week now.) Additionally, the community here seems to be one of the best. RuneMate ftw :)
  5. Epicbot used to be good, but now it's nothing more than overpriced shit.

    RuneMate is really nice doe. Especially the community.

    Bot hard or go home!
  6. Just need to work on getting some more HQ bots on the store.

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