OSRS Pretty sure I just had the fasted ban time ever.

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by DuruThaKing, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. So I used the tutorial island script bot and literally 5 seconds after I got done and was in Lumby I got banned. LOL
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  2. Tutorial Island bots are a really bad idea, unless they're really good, especially since it's rumored that new accounts are watched more heavily than older accounts.
  3. Tutorial island is botwatched like a mother f
  4. Have you had previous bans on the same IP?
  5. But still detected in 5 seconds? Which bot did you use? Aiddens tutorial island or another bot?
  6. Why someone bot Tutorial island? it take like 5-8 min to do lols
  7. Doesnt matter what script bot you use, if you bot tutorial island, you're getting banned
  8. Hell yeah it is.
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    I was gonna fuck around and suicide an account. Well I guess I did. lol..
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    Yeah I've heard that. I was gonna suicide an account so that's the only reason I did it.
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    Yeah I used Aiddens.
  9. And yet every yew tree is packed with crowds of bots. Shows how incompetent Jagex really is. They're more worried about tutorial island than bots who actually harm the economy.
  10. Id assume they have it automated. Would be nice for us to figure out what they are detecting. Would help us understand their detection.
  11. A bot stopped is a bot stopped, the main issue imo is even if they ban a million bots, if another million are created to replace them then their efforts are in vain.
  12. Not rumored; it's a fact mane.
  13. LOL
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    And now imagine if they werent monitoring the tutorial island that hard. There would be so many bot farms harming the economy even more.
  14. It makes sense, a lot of anticheats I've looked at before did something similar, but I'll keep calling it a rumour until it's fully confirmed :p
  15. Yeah most likely. I'm still wondering the same thing. I'm gonna look into it.
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    Right? There's been one bot at willows for 5 days but I get banned for botting tutorial island xD.
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    It's like trying to defeat ISIS. It'll never happen. Inb4 heated debate.
  16. Tut island has an extremely high banrate
  17. Nothing too unexpected tbh. Tut island isn't something you should bot, and I learned that the hard way.
  18. Yeah I figured that out lol.

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