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  1. why you lurking?
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  2. not to bash or anything but...

    I never buy from anyone saying quiting from rs, because noone ever quits tbh.
    you be better off saying your starting a new journey on a ironman or alike.
  3. 75-100m 07... could be more or less depending on how legit you are.
  4. Just a tip, I would uncover all skills but like 2 or 3. If you cover up skills people offer money for the visible skills and you might get a lot less offered than you expected.
  5. I have no reason to keep playing. The only reason I started playing because of Ian and he wanted me to train a couple of comrades on how to code that's really it. I was more a CSGO guy.

    I'll take you up on that offer.

    Very true. I fixed it on PA.
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  6. There's no way an account like that is 100m 07. Maybe 50-60m max. 100m 07 would get you maxed combat with about 2k total or so.
  7. I'm sorry I just went back and did my research and you're right its worth about 60m-65m. Thanks for correcting me.
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  8. I quit, and I've remained quit for seven months, with no inclination to return. The guy to whom I sold my account is still happy with it.

    The fact that he said he quit should neither increase nor decrease his perceived trustworthiness.
  9. 07 gold is not worth the same as it used to be 2-3 months ago. That said, some people are actually willing to spend quite a lot of cash if the seller is trustworthy. Sponsor or Sythe 200$+ and SVU.
  10. He contradicted himself saying that he's not trying to bash but then bashes it -.- . Lol but anyway I'm still selling the account I have no need for them since I no longer play RS and only play CSGO. Everyone on devs chat knows this -.-
  11. yea but you still hang around sites, such as runemate, which is to do with rs soooo ????

    and i never contridicted my self either, point proven with raymond
  12. Your logic is flawed , You can hang at Runescape Botting Websites without having a interest in the game itself. Most coders that makes bots for runescape all they do is asks for users account so they can log in and fix whatever is messed up/broken.
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  13. Codeing scripts bots, of course you still have a interest in the game.
  14. Interest in making money.
  15. Well, in my case it wasn't making money, but rather improving skills.

    You can code bots for a game and not have any interest in the game whatsoever.

    Just like I can code this frickin' Hotel reservation system assignment without having any interest in hotels.

    Or you can write a newspaper article about the school's latest basketball game because you want to improve your journalism skills, not because you have any interest in basketball.
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  16. either way if you want to do something you need to take interest, or how the hell would you learn

    im not trying to cause arguments but nvm
  17. Lol can we end this topic and make it about me selling this osrs account?

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