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Discussion in 'General Market' started by creativeself, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Currently on holiday so cannot provide pictures of account, but would it be possible for someone to price check an account for me/how much you'd be willing to pay? I'd provide pictures of bank, stats, offences, etc. to serious buyers when I get back, just looking for a rough outline of how much an account like this would go for though.

    All stats above 92 (Apart from invention), notable 99's:
    99 Constitution
    99 Attack
    99 Strength
    99 Defence
    99 Ranged
    99 Magic
    99 Prayer
    99 Mining
    99 Hunter
    99 Fletching
    99 Crafting
    99 Runecrafting
    99 Agility
    99 Firemaking
    99 Woodcutting

    - 10m cash
    - 2-3 rares (around 2-5m value)
    - Full elite void set
    - Chaotic rapier and chaotic claws
    - Dual drygore weaponry (main and offhand)
    - Full set of dragon tools on tool belt

    - All quests complete
    - A few soloman store items
    - Large collection of pets in POH :D
  2. $250-300+ I'd say
  3. More like $150-200. RS3 accounts have decreased in prices, and that by a lot. Reason being that it's simply very easy & fast to lvl up. It's probably closer to $200 due to the quest cape.
  4. Ouch, was hoping to sell it for around 250-275, would I be able to find a buyer through playerauctions/scythe etc? Never sold an account before but somewhat familiar with the risks associated and procedure

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