OSRS Price Estimate lvl 99

Discussion in 'General Market' started by joshiii, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Im thinking about selling my oldschool account for some osrs gold. Level 99 combat, 75 atk 91 str 70 def 85 range and 94 magic. other noteable stats are 85 mining, 70 agility and 79 slayer most of other stats are above 60. It has done RFD and all sub quests, has full void range and melee. Im looking for a rough estimate of how much i can get for it as thinking about selling it, account it very old, maybe 8 years ish APPRECIATE ANY INPUT THANKS !!!
  2. 1, Why would you sell it for osrs gold?
    2, You seem super egar to sell the account

    Note to buyers;

    Please make sure to take precautions when buying from this user.
  3. im just looking for an estimate. dont know if i am selling it yet, but its always good to be cautious...

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