RS3 Prif Waterfall Script

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by mew, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Can someone make a prif waterfall script bot?
    I hate hand training it, sure it's AFK but I tend to forget to click and it logs me out :c

    Doing it for easy invention XP :p

    I'll pay if I have to
  2. If I had access to an account, yas.
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    btw, you mean waterfall fishing right?
  3. Yes.
    I have like 5 accounts, I'll give you one to use if you want :)

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  4. 5 accounts with prif access? Geeze lol.

    Are you on Slack?
  5. Nah

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  6. 0.o Okay, well I will be rewriting SudoFisher for Spectre this weekend. Once I get everything that's currently there converted, if you'd let me borrow an account that'd be great!
  7. Joining slack rn, I'm also on the DIscord server

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