RS3 Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by EpicBas, Sep 22, 2015.

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  2. Bumping for support.
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  3. Support
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  4. Will donate for this bot.
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  5. @Truncheon
    I got 99 with autoclicking but you don't get the random evetns.
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  6. How did you manage that? Usually I view AutoClickers with a huge red flag as they're renowned for being easily detected.
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  7. @Truncheon
    The autoclicker i used also had options for breaks and random loctain clicking in a certain area.
  8. Will be in Celestial Fisher, I would need an account to test it and all though.
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  9. If needed you can borrow mine
  10. Awesome, I will let you know when I need it :)
  11. Please someone release this.
  12. Could be added to the Pi Elf City script bot eventually, though not soon.
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  13. darn =/
  14. I have a private bot for this :p might release it if really needed :p
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  15. will pay. XD
  16. Yeah lol hook us up
  17. ayy, since @EpicBas is not online right now, does any of you have an account for testing?
  18. @Prodigy gave me his account for testing, but thank you :)
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  19. how's that goin, bud? a waterfall fishing bot would be super useful about now. random event support?

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