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    I've decided to write up a quick guide on how to set up Prime Clue Hunter, similar to what I did for Prime Zulrah.

    I'm not going over the basics of clue scrolls here, if you want an overview of all the requirements for medium clue scrolls you can head over to the wiki.

    In-game and RuneMate settings
    They shouldn't really matter. I recommend running all bots with RuneScape in the fixed screen size mode.

    Eliminating client instabilities
    Users can run into weird and for me unexplainable issues, however, here are some steps you can take to prevent these from occurring:
    • Use a fresh instance of both RuneScape and RuneMate. That means that if you ran a bot on your current RuneScape window, close it and open a new one. Similarly if you ran a bot on your current RuneMate window, close it and open a new one.
    • Do Not switch between resizable and fixed mode on RuneScape after starting a bot. This leads to a bunch of issues that have remained unfixed for a while now.
    What equipment and inventory setup you bring is almost completely up to you. The bot will do it's pathfinding based on what's available (runes, teleports, fairy rings with dramen staff, etc).

    Keep in mind that the bot will stop if it can't find an item you're using in your equipment or inventory setup.

    To make this part easier, equip yourself with the equipment you want the bot to use, and fill your inventory with the items you want the bot to use. For an updated overview of what's supported, check out the resource page.

    The first screen is the general settings page, here you can define what you want the bot to do when it runs into a step it can't complete. The default behavior is to drop it and get a new one by opening Eclectic implings. Here you can also select your light source of choice. I recommend choosing an unextinguishable lightsource, since these are simply the least hassle for the bot to deal with.

    The next step is the equipment selector. Make sure your mouse input is enabled, so you can change gear in game to load it into the bot. You can do so by pressing this button and unchecking the Mouse option. If you already have your desired gear equipped, this is ofcourse not necessary. Simply press the Refresh button to sync your in-game equipment with the bot.

    Below the equipment selector, type the name of the weapon you want to use in case of a step that requires combat. Make sure you do this case sensitive. The combat required for medium clue scrolls is generally very low combat, such as killing a Man, or worst case, killing a level 46 Guard dog.

    Next up is the inventory setup. If you already had the items you want in your inventory, this step will be simple, because the bot will automatically add those items. If not, you can click the Add item button at the bottom to add another item, and fill in the name and desired quantity. Again, make sure to do this case sensitive. Keep in mind that if you want to bring "all" of a certain item, such as all of your law runes, you can simply enter "all" or 0. Do Not include a Medium clue scroll, Spade or light source in your inventory setup in the settings, however you can start with them in your inventory in game

    Once you're done setting up your gear and inventory, it's time to set up STASH units. Unfortunately it's currently not possible to detect the state of STASH units automatically using RuneMate, therefore you'll have to input the state of each unit yourself. Tip: head to Watson's house, and click his Noticeboard to see the current state of all your STASH units. This way you can easily sync the state with the bot.

    Once you've done all this, you're ready to start the bot. The settings you just entered are persisted, so you won't have to repeat this unless you want to make changes, or you're setting up a new account.

    BETA version
    Please keep in mind that Prime Clue Hunter is currently in BETA, and that you will likely run into issues.

    If you do run into any issues, please let me know by posting in the discussion, or in the Prime Discord.
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