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The most advanced NMZ bot just got better!

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  2. From what I've tried so far the script bot seems REALLY solid. Responsive and accurate. Thanks for this, I'll report any bugs I find! Question: is it possible to train with Blowpipe, and for specs switch in to MSB and arrows?
  3. Yes, have arrows equipped and set MSB as spec weapon.
  4. As of the latest update the bot gets stuck on Lowering HP outside of dream. It goes down to 51, then waits for 52, goes down to 51 and so on. Using the same setup as I was before 1.0.1.
  5. Restart or adjust camera. Might be having difficulty finding the Potion object. If so I'll have to make an adjustment.
  6. Tried restarting three times and playing around with the camera. Didn't help in my case. Would the bot keep doing that on a loop btw or would it log out at some point if it couldn't enter a dream?
  7. Double check you have your special attack weapons (as detailed in GUI) in your equipment/inventory. If you're using something degradable which is which is indicated in the name (Dharok... 75) it could cause an issue.
  8. I used the 'check' feature you've put in the GUI. I'll try and mess around with it again later today and see if I can get it to work. If not, I'll let you know.

    EDIT1: What does the regex checkbox mean/do?
  9. Toggles use of Regular Expressions. If you don't have it checked I do it on my end.

    For example:
    ^Dharok's greataxe 100$ will only match "Dharok's greateaxe 100".

    ^Dharok's great.+$ will match "Dharok's greataxe 100", "Dharok's greataxe 75", "Dharok's greataxe 50".
  10. Right. Thanks! I'll let you know later if it works. Does it work correctly for you?
  11. Every time. If it's waiting, that's because it's not validating the entry requirements fully.
  12. 240V :^)
  13. It seems to work now. For some reason it doesn't recognize the Magic shortbow (i) even though its 100% written correctly. I put on regex and just wrote magic shortbow and it worked.
  14. You'd need to escape the brackets. So "Magic shortbow \\(i\\)".
  15. Had a hunch it might have something to do with the brackets. Didn't know how to solve it though. Thanks!
  16. Question and Error Comment:

    Question - Can this use piety with either the prayer option selected or the absorption pot method?

    Error - The overload settings only allow for the options of 0, 9, or 27 overloads (none of which is desirable).
  17. Hi!
    Testing prayer mode on an account without ovls (not 51 hp), its a fresh account im using to test nmz scripts bots before using to max my main. I got some feedback/bugs to report:
    -When I start the script bot and try to fill out the GUI it is bugged for me personally, I can't customize the amount of overloads, just keeps going between 27 and 0: Gif of this :

    Gyazo - bec271922413fa5a00f91235df45a698.gif

    -Tried to use without overloads as i'm not 51 hp yet, settings are 27 prayer pots, 0 Overloads, no repurchasing pots. It opens the bank up, withdraws 27 prayer potions and gets stuck, status shows this:

    Gyazo - 51e5e39fdf729d9368819748cbec17c8.gif

    Until my account logs out after 5 mins of inactivity, then it will run over to Dominic, buy dream and get stuck here:

    Gyazo - a315e28c165f481be71745b7612ae5b0.gif

    -When using prayer mode with overloads + restocking from chest (was just testing this), it will go to the rewards chest to buy some overloads, it will press the benefits tab and just get stuck there for me:

    Gyazo - c350348f9f4b1da9b75d6af3a513f7e8.gif

    Hope this helps.
  18. Appreciate the reports - will get on it.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 22, 2016, Original Post Date: Aug 22, 2016 ---
    new SpinnerValueFactory.IntegerSpinnerValueFactory(0, 27, 9, 27));

    ... woops, ez fix
  19. script bot went through dialogue too quickly and ended up using 200k on my coffer going through random dreams and canceling them before i stopped the bot.

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