RS3 private dung script

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Ye Zekoz, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Hi, I have a request for a custom dungeoneering script bot that i would be happy to pay for
  2. lol gl

    Trolling aside, you're really gonna need some good luck.
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  3. ill do it for $40.
  4. Well that's a lie
  5. It would cost you hundreds if not thousands and no way someone would ever make it private, maybe your a sterotipacal rich asian (not being racist <3 )
  6. I'll start; 15k upfront.
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  7. Good luck finding someone lol!
  8. gimme a price
  9. What about the RedDungeon trial bot you had? You can finish it and can pay for it :) Or it can become a premium bot
  10. I relize, just need a price. I lack alot of motivation
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  11. Well I am not sure lol, depends since I didn't realize you had a script bot that was already in the works (reddung) either that to become a premium bot or make it a custom private one I can pay and I am not sure how much it would be
  12. There are actually a few people who claim to have working private Dungeoneering bots, bot none of them are polished enough to be released afaik.
    Hopefully we'll have a public one soon ;)
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  13. Maybe with your expertise you should do one. You have amazing bots!! :)
  14. Maybe if I ever find the time and motivation :p
  15. LOL, slash to laziiii
  16. The time I have free from uni could be spent on improving the API/Web :p

    Although I do plan to find some time for bots sooner or later
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  17. Lets just say I'm glad uni is almost finished for you haha

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