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  1. Hey'all ,

    I'm not sure if this is allowed, and please remove if this isn't.
    I'm looking for a high quality Taverly Dungeon script bot that kills blue dragons.

    The flow should look a bit like this

    - Start at taverly bank with x amount of food + dusty key
    - Run all the way to the blue dragons in the Taverly dungeon (shortcut optional, not needed)
    - Kills blue dragons (not the baby ones)
    - Loots bones + hide + custom loot (if there is)
    - Uses Rejuvenate / Regenerate after each kill
    - When inventory full, teleport (lodestone) back to taverly and bank the loot.
    - Withdraw x amount of food again , and repeat the process.
    - Only loot if space, if inventory full , and it's not filled with food, bank.

    Would be cool if it supported Prayer and prayer , antifire potions + good anti pattern. Perhaps also include charm looting and Custom price looting?

    Why am I looking for such an script bot? Well Alpha dragons is broken at the moment, and none of the figther scripts bots support Rejuvenate / Regenerate properly and Blue dragons is a really good money making method.

    I can imagine it's not easy to make such a script bot, so I would gladly play a decent amount of money for this script bot. On the powerbot website there is a script bot that supports all of this , but the client there sucks. The powerbot script bot costs around $8 there.

    Thank you in advance,
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  2. First of all, this is allowed:)
    Secondly, @EvilCabbage move to general market section pls my hero.
  3. The bot on powerbot costs 8 bucks because it's a public bot. Expect to pay a lot more for a private bot.
  4. Alpha Dragons has been fixed and the push is in the queue afaik.
  5. With the option of Rejuvenate / Regenerate for RS3?
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    I would pay a lot of money if the quality of the bot is superior. Depends on that really...
  6. No idea.

    Private bots can be pricey, into the triple digits event.
  7. Whats the triple digits event ?
  8. I am your hero.
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  9. He meant even I think, bots can go upto $100+ depending on what it does on how long it takes to make.
  10. For real? $100+ ? That's a bit expensive :eek:

  11. Depending on the type, the time to make. Remember this bot would be only for you!
  12. True..
  13. All depends on complexity of it :)
  14. 100+
  15. And how about a bot that only kills them, and banks the loot, with rejuvenation and regenerate. No custom looting and no prayer support. So always standard loot, like bones and hides, but nothing else.
  16. loot wouldn't be the hardest part about this script bot im pretty sure.
  17. Even the simplest private bots can be pricey, simply because they're unique to you and are often used by gold farmers to reduce ban rates.
  18. If you'd support regenerate / Rejuvenate on your script bot I wouldn't even need a private script bot ^^ :D
  19. Put Rejuv on the action bar, for regen, just bring more food or train the account to a state where it can actually kill them quick enough to not need heaps xD
  20. I did, but nothing is happening.

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