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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Chiefy, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. I need something that buys from a shop and will hop worlds/bank when full. (F2P only option for worldhopping) Must be flawless.

    Will give more details once given a quote. PM me.
  2. >must be flawless

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  3. I mean the world hopping. I understand the script bot cant be 100% flawless. I would not like to come back to have it logged out however due to a hopping issue.
  4. Well it's just the question itself. Why would you want a bot that IS broken. xD
  5. wts broken bot
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  6. Why are you here if not to make a sell? Do you enjoy nitpicking and demeaning new users to your site?

    Move along m9
  7. Was joking with bert. Sorry if it came off that way :D
  8. Well if time > money to you, i would use the time to learn abit of JAVA.
    This is such an easy script bot, that you should not spend money on it tbh :)
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  9. Yeah? Well I've got absolutely 0 experience scripting. And the fine details are a bit more.. intricate than a normal item buyer. I always have wanted to get my feet in the waters and try out my own basic script bot however.

    Although, since it shan't be too hard, perhaps I can score it at a decent price.
  10. Try viewing some basic JAVA tuts on youtube, then download an open source script bot and open the JAVADOCS :)
    Its easier then you think my friend :)
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