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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by torque0, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. So everything is going fine, then i suddenly notice my bot has stopped moving as if it cannot detect the area its standing in, although, when i restart the script bot completely it will continue walking without a problem until the problem crops up again. Any idea what might cause this?

    Also question #2 is even with a slow mouse setting, it seems as though my bot will missclick and actually land itself in areas that arent specified as walking zones. Causing me to create a tonne of 'slip up' areas that can help to put the player back on track, help!? :)

    I am using Bresenham Path walking.

    Also my code is crappy and primative, basically just nested if statements checking if in the area, if so walk to the next kind of thing, if that gives any indication.
  2. @Cloud

    Apparently path generation is having issues overall, there's been people in Dev Chat talking about neither Web Walking or Bresenham is working.
  3. Ok thanks I guess it'll get fixed on the back end some time :p
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  4. Bresenham only generates a straight line to the destination, so if there are obstacles or anything then you'll want RegionPath or WebPath instead. We need more info than it stopping walking. Debug the path make sure it's not null, check the destination tile, debug your loop make sure it's not getting stuck somewhere

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