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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by pking nubz, May 9, 2016.

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  1. i downloaded runemate added mine account added a script bot clicked osrs client that one i use. then the osrs client starts but i dont understand how i can start botting. i already read the guide to start but it wont works to me.
  2. Can you add a little detail?

    1: At what point you run into difficulties - pressing Start Instance, the client detecting instances, choosing a bot?
    2: Is there any error when you run into the issue?

    Where I think your issue is - I don't think you're waiting for the RuneScape client to be detected. When it detects the client, you can select the client in Spectre and select "Start Instance".

  3. I cant press the button start instance. when i click on the osrs client the official client will open. but not the bot.

    Schermopname (68).png
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    The button is dark how can i let this work?
  4. Recommend removing your email from the photo.

    And the RuneScape client is open when you take that photo?
  5. The official client is supposed to open.
  7. By that I mean, the client is actually open and fully loaded - it is not still loading?

    Might sound like a stupid question, but many people have failed to get this :)

    Also what operating system are you using, Windows/OSX/Linux?
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    He thinks we still have a botting client which loads rs itself, he doesnt understand that he is supposed to use the official client. the client loads for him.
  9. its frustrate me its so annoying. Official runescape client is open how can i go further?
  10. It's not annoying, it's very easy actually. Once the official client is up, do the exact same thing @Party did in the above GIF.
  11. What operating system are you using? Windows/Linux/OSX?
  12. Btw im not a retard but it i really dont understand. Never know that you got a botting client that runescape starts byself. this site is new for me. im using windows 8.
  13. Right do me a favour and navigate to the following directory and upload your most recent log file:

  14. Okay runemate spectre is up the official client is online so how can i start botting?
  15. So one of these has colour now?

  16. you select a bot you want to run, you select the account you want to run the bot on, you select the client you just started (if it is not showing, refresh the clients by pressing the refresh button)
    once you selected everything, the start instance button should be clickable.
  17. FTFY
  18. okay let me find out.
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    Fuck this LMFAO unable to attach to 64-bit process
  19. Then do what the guide says and make sure you have a 32-bit JRE installed.
  20. Its finally working thanks both for your help. Last time i played rs was years ago. Osrs and Osrs botting is new for me. Thank you guys very much. Nice to see that you are helping me out :)
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