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  1. As i have been testing my Transmutation script bot, i have noticed the amount of times it fails to withdraw items from the bank due to the interaction. For 1 - 2 runs, it interacts and withdraws the items perfectly, however, when it fails, it failed anytime between 10 - 15 times on average as i was monitoring it. It won't even interact with the item. While failure is a human trait, 10 - 15 times on average is a bit much. Also @Shinji has been encountering the same problems in various different ways.
  2. I've had multiple reports about my Divination script bot failing with interaction too. I'm new to this player sense thing but it seems to happen a bit too much.
  3. Yes I can second that, basically what a failed interaction looks like:
    It hovers the Interactable
    opens the menu
    moves mouse up so the menu closes, as if it couldn't be able to find the desired action in the menu

    Sometimes it also just hovers the Interactable without openening the menu.
  4. Also it seems like it only interacts with an Interactable if the desired action is part of the definition, thats a problem for local state objects, as their definition is nearly empty apart from their local state definition.

    Edit: ...which leads to another bug: I now use the simple click method, but even if it clicked correctly the method return false in about half of the cases.
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  5. Although I'm looking into the issue, the definition has nothing to do with it. When we're doing interaction we simply look for the specified action in the currently loaded menu items.
  6. No, it does not interact, I've checked for spelling etc multiple times: [​IMG]
  7. Okay then what you need to do is hover the item, go into the development toolkit in the miscellaneous tab, and check what it thinks the menu items are. If there are html tags then I'll look into parsing the tag out.
  8. It says the exact same String I want it to interact with.
  9. Ok @Cloud, interaction is horrible now. It's taking on average 10 tries for me to do simple things like withdrawing something from the bank or interacting with an NPC. That is not human at all

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