Question Problems with manifest and SVN.

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  1. I've had problems trying to checkout via SVN and making these manifest work then load the bot in dev mode. Even reading both the Eclispe and Intellij guides for this I still can't manage to get everything working flawlessly. I did get the manifest working for a bit with Intellij. Regaurdless this is my current setup.

    Any help would be of great thanks both with getting the bot to load with the manifest and committing with SVN properly.
  2. Pretty sure your main-class tag is wrong, shouldn't it be <main-class>pkingd3vil.D3vilAirCrafter</main-class>

    Regardless, in IntelliJ, you can right click the class, copy reference, then paste that in.
  3. Fixed the manifest problem. Turns out I had to update IntelliJ to 14.1.5 to fix the svn problem. Made a small warning at the bottom of the IDE when I was following the SVN guide in the tutorial section. :confused:
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