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  1. I have decided to make a new account named "Rune Matey" with the main purpose to bot it fully with only runemate, with scripts bots that are available on bot store and or some private scripts bots.
    I will only be doing small things by hand(ie:Moving to from areas were a scripts bots doesn't support etc)

    I cant give items from my own account, but if someone wants to donate some starting stuff full iron etc then feel free :)

    Lets see how this pans out.

    Here Goes

    Account created 5/3/2015

    Botted Tutorial island with MaxiTutorialsolver

    Going to bed night.

    Just woke up, about to get some levels with [url=https://www.runemate.com/community/resources/massfighter.106/]Mass Fighter[/url]



    RIP priject rune matey - 3 days old


    check back soon :)
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  2. So you are not able to even move the bot by hand or just small things by hand?

  3. Just small things by hand, i plan to bot it till its success or demise.
    Just about to start this back off .
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    Is anyone able to donate some starting armour? and scim etc? if so i am world 301 lumby chickens :)
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    Recived donation from Geashaw <3
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  4. @PhaseCoder i can give u some stuff what do u need
  5. You can donate anything you like that will help me along the way.
  6. @PhaseCoder are u on right now? what world and where
  7. w301 the new chicken pen lumby
  8. alright
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    how about we meet in lum tele spot no idea where the new chicken pen is
  9. you know were fred the farmer is? near sheep pens
  10. oh ok give me a sec
  11. Donation from U turn think i have more than enough to get me started on some goals, not accepting anymore donations <3

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  12. Good luck! Hope to see more updates in the future.
  13. It's looking great. :p Can't wait to see more, man.
  14. [​IMG]
    thanks maxifisher
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  15. You shouldnt reveal the name lol. Good luck :)
  16. He's banned already, sadly :p
  17. 3 days and bnned ahaha

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