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  1. Is it possible to add a command line option for proxy support? maybe like
    Code (Text):
    1. -proxy ip:port
    Code (Text):
    1. -proxy ip:port:user:pass
  2. Like that you can use an inclient proxy? like Parabot has? with Socks5?
  3. Like runemate has? At the bottom of the runemate login screen there is proxy settings that use a socks5 proxy
  4. We could but currently we use the login screen to display if any error occurs and to prevent further login, if we did that we wouldn't be able to completely halt login like that.
  5. I think it would be beneficial to add it. As of right now we can start a bot with selected account information through command line. However if I wanted to do that but with a proxy I am not able to.

    I think a simple exception being thrown with an error message and then the client just stopping after that would suffice enough for an error. People who are running through command line should be able to read that and figure it out I would hope.
  6. I support it.

    Java has built-in proxy support.


    However it doesn't support user/password authentication via command line arguments.
    So that would be great if we could do that with arguments @Cloud
  7. To bad the built-in support doesnt work for proxies without username or password. I just tried it with a bad proxy and runemate was still able to connect...
  8. Support, but only after we figure out a satisfactory way to prevent the client from opening if a proxy-related issue occurs. Only thing worse than not having this feature is having this feature accidentally connect without a proxy when the user tells it to. @Cloud
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    @Cloud pls.
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  9. I'll try to figure something out soon.
  10. Javas inbuilt proxy support doesn't actually work at all past the RM login (you can check in resource manager which IPs are being used)
    i asked for this support ages ago (client side argument)
  11. Friendly reminder for @Cloud for this great feature.
  12. ok, wich is the command line? :)
  13. Documented in the usual place.

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