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Smelting all day!

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  2. Woohoo! Will try out soon and post results :)
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    First impressions:

    Doesn't do much - after withdrawing the ore, it stood at the bank with the bank window open for about 2 minutes. I manually closed the bank window, however still nothing happened. Status "Withdrawing Ore"

    I then closed/stopped the bot and re-opened it and with a full inventory of bars already, I received the following error:

    Code (Text):
    2. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    3.     at com.sun.javafx.iio.jpeg.JPEGImageLoader.load(
    4.     at com.sun.javafx.iio.ImageStorage.loadAll(
    5.     at com.sun.javafx.iio.ImageStorage.loadAll(
    6.     at
    7.     at<init>(
    8.     at
    9.     at javafx.scene.image.Image.loadImage(
    10.     at javafx.scene.image.Image.initialize(
    11.     at javafx.scene.image.Image.<init>(
    12.     at com.sun.javafx.css.StyleManager.getCachedImage(
    13.     at javafx.scene.layout.BackgroundConverter.convert(
    14.     at javafx.scene.layout.BackgroundConverter.convert(
    15.     at javafx.scene.CssStyleHelper.lookup(
    16.     at javafx.scene.CssStyleHelper.transitionToState(
    17.     at javafx.scene.Node.impl_processCSS(
    18.     at javafx.scene.Parent.impl_processCSS(
    19.     at javafx.scene.Parent.impl_processCSS(
    20.     at javafx.scene.Parent.impl_processCSS(
    21.     at javafx.scene.Parent.impl_processCSS(
    22.     at javafx.scene.Parent.impl_processCSS(
    23.     at javafx.scene.Parent.impl_processCSS(
    24.     at javafx.scene.control.Control.impl_processCSS(
    25.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    26.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    27.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    28.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    29.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    30.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    31.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    32.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    33.     at javafx.scene.Node.processCSS(
    34.     at javafx.scene.Scene.doCSSPass(

    I restarted Spectre and the OSRS Client and received the same issue - it withdraws the bars then does nothing.
  3. yeah it doesnt do much at edgeville, same problem as above. thanks nevertheless for the bot.
  4. Will look into it.
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    Heap space I can't help - please post log from when bank would not close.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 2, 2016 ---
    Alright think I've got it, will push soon.

    Imgur GIF
  5. idk if its just me but the clicking is slow it will take 30seconds to deposit cannonballs and withdraw steel bars
  6. I have never seen that happen.
  7. Been using this script bot for the day --- Here's my take on it.
    *note - this is all with Cannonballs from Edgeville.

    Main issues with the script bot is under the smelting with furnace area, number 1.

    Retrieving Steel Bars from bank.
    Not an issue, but it takes 8.76 seconds to bank the cannonballs and take out steel bars. (The time is fine, just a side note.)
    Walking to furnace:
    No issues, smooth every time.
    Smelting at furnace:
    1. The script bot literally stops at this point. The character stands one to two squares from the furnace (directly west of it) and performs no more actions. You must click "Use Steel Bar" or left click on the bars for it to continue on with its operation.
    2. Occasionally the script bot will use the steel bars with the furnace and instead of clicking on the chat box option for making cannonballs, it will re-click on the steel bars and then use the chat box option to finish smelting. This doesn't really matter because it still works, just something I noticed.
    3. Smelting works fine since the bot is essentially idling, I'm pretty far from my next level, but since it's having problems clicking on the steel bars without user input... I would suspect that after gaining a level it will not re-click to use the steel bars.
    Walking to the bank:
    No issues walking to the bank or banking.

    Overall impressed. The fact that it doesn't click on the bars and furnace makes this script bot completely useless. But none the less, it would be perfect once these items are attended to.
  8. Thanks for the detailed review! I've reviewed the code and believe I've found a solution. I'll be pushing an update later today.
  9. Let me know after it has been updated. I will test it out again and let you know.
  10. Since there is no crafting bot that smelts jewelry, could you add jewelry smelting too ??
  11. Never actually done crafting of jewelry but it's really similar to cannonballs right?
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  12. yes its similar just more options
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    Will u add them ? :)
  13. Something to look at in future, but it's on the back-burner for now. Working on bigger and better things :>
  14. Not a big issue, but would make it quicker and more efficient. When smithing steel bars is regularly miss-clicks the iron and coal and takes a few tries before typing 9 and 18. Would it not be easier to have it withdraw 10 iron, and withdraw all coal then deposit everything and repeat?
  15. The issue with that is the way it calculates how much it required in terms of ore:coal. It would be fine if it was just iron/steel to smelt.
    Regarding the missed attempts to bank, it's the same with the fletcher - banking accuracy is not reaaaally upgradable, it's largely handled by the RM API. Try turning down your mouse multiplier.
  16. I see, thanks for getting back to me. I'll be sure to try lowering the multiplier
  17. I am afk 99% of the time I have the bot running. It is smelting steel bars in Al Kharid. It works normally for a certain period of time but at times it goes to smelt the bars and messes up while it is at the furnace in al kharid then it just sits there and logs out. sometimes it works all the way through my 3000 materials but, more often then not it messes up like this. Hope this is helpful in someway. Thanks for the bot.

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